Implementing Your Mobile Solution

Mobile Data Collection Form

A mobile data collection form is often the first reason that businesses want a mobile application for their workforce. And that is a good place to start. Entering data into a mobile form helps ensure accuracy since the data can be edited instantly. And in addition, a mobile data collection form can then seamlessly transmit the data to a back end system so that the data is available for the entire company or for further processing.

Edgecliff Technology are masters at creating fast, convenient, and user-friendly mobile forms for any employee of your business. But don’t let your thoughts about mobile applications stop there.

ETI goes WAY BEYOND a Mobile Data Collection Form

mobile business data collection form goformzImagineering is “letting your imagination soar, and then engineering it down to earth.”

ETI brings together a close knit, 3-person team we call a TRIPOD Imagineering Team. This team’s entire focus is to make your mobile solution rock using their unique combination of skills and experience. The team consists of the following key members:

  • Your User Business Experts know your business processes and understand what your business needs to operate efficiently.
  • ETI’s Industry Subject Matter Experts know how businesses in your line of business operate, understand best practices and advise you on recommended approaches.
  • Our Mobile Designers understand the ETI mobile technology and how to use it effectively and efficiently to turn your vision into a mobile reality.

Your Business Processes become mobile using our unique e4i process

mobile data collection form goformz

Watch your mobile enterprise solution evolve as it is tailored—keep adapting it to improve your operations

ETI leverages the power of its code-free development platform and the experience of the TRIPOD Imagineering team to create a highly interactive design and deployment experience. This is not your old style development experience where you write specs, throw them over the wall to the technical team and hope for the best.

Since we are not “coding” but are instead configuring your solution, we are able to design, change and demonstrate your solution in rapid cycles—dramatically reducing the time required to construct the solution. Almost from the beginning of the process, users can test proposed solutions on their favorite devices.

Once your application is implemented it can be tailored based on user feedback, with improvements deployed to every device immediately. This encourages an environment of continuous improvement.

Mobile Strategy Assessment

custom mobile data collection form goformzMobile is no longer just a consumer or Gen-Y platform, it’s a pervasive force in today’s business. Even in 2011 77% of IT executives thought that mobile was an important enabler of business innovation—now that number is even higher and includes most senior executives. ETI’s team of mobile consultants can help you answer the top mobile questions that will shape your mobile future and get you started. Our mobile strategy evaluation includes a comprehensive review of your key business processes, network and IT architecture, backend systems and options for incorporating mobile processes.

Register for our white paper; Mobilizing for Mobile—Strategic thinking in a mobile world.

Wireless Site Assessments

Is your environment ready for mobile operations?

When it comes to Mobile, Do I need to go Cellular or Wi-Fi or Both?

mobile  data collection form goformzETI can provide on-site or remote support for a wireless site survey to determine whether your current infrastructure will support your mobile strategy. We can also guide you through doing a high level “self-evaluation” of your environment to identify potential problems and determine whether you need additional technical assistance to evaluate or upgrade.

Register for our wireless site audit checklist to jumpstart your assessment.

Mobile Security Assessment

special custom mobile data collection form goformzIn today’s world, data and communications security is a must. Our staff has years of experience working in the DOD and federal government space providing secure applications and environments. We stay up to speed on the rapidly changing security techniques and requirements and apply those to our cloud and your mobile solutions. We can provide rapid high level mobile security evaluations or in-depth security assessments of existing or proposed solutions.

Register for our Mobile Security Checklist and Risk Assessment.

Professional Mobile Application Services and Consulting

unique custom mobile data collection form goformzETI’s team of business and technical experts average 14-25 years of experience and are equipped with the latest technology and tools. We can provide on-site or remote consulting services to meet your business and budget needs in any area of mobility including designing a friendly mobile data collection form. When we work remotely our team is equipped with the latest technology to provide your team that “being there” experience. The important skills that ETI consultants provide include:

Mobile Business Process consulting to assist you in analyzing your current processes and using mobile technology to simplify and streamline your business.

Mobile App Consulting by our Mobile Designers provides development, configuration, tailoring and deployment that turns your vision into reality with our Imagineering e4i process (Imagine, Innovate, Implement and Improve)

Mobile Integration Consulting takes your mobile app and turns it into a mobile business process through integration with your ERP and backend systems.

Leverage our many years of ERP Consulting in the SAP and Oracle space to maximize your mobile investment through the “tight” integration and configuration of both the ERP and the mobile environment. ETI provides both ERP technical and functional ERP consulting.

Register to have us spend an ROI Imagineering hour with you, listening to your current business process and suggesting ways that a mobile ROI could be developed. At the end we’ll deliver a quick high-level assessment for your use.