ETI Breaks Barriers to Mobile Success

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Benefits for Business Managers

Quality Speed Efficiency and Cost Management Process Arrow SignsAs a business manager you are faced with the challenge of creating a secure and stable workforce that will increase productivity and provide time and cost savings for your organization. ETI’s mobility solution will allow you to do the following:

  • Enhance current business processes with seamless mobile solutions
  • Deploy mobility applications as enterprise-wide mobility solutions
  • Reduce the “mobile chaos” by standardizing the solution approach across the organization
  • Understand and decide between one-of-a-kind “mobile apps” versus “integrated mobile business processes”
  • Finding the right mobile solution at the right price rapidly implemented to enable you to begin capturing the benefits of the mobile solution as soon as possible.

ETI’s Mobile Solution offers unique benefits and a flexible platform to meet growing mobile demands.

ETI’s Mobile Business Benefits

Gives your workers instant access to data in real time

Eliminates manual data entry and data transcription errors to increase accuracy

Decreases paperwork to reduce clerical data entry costs

Reduces invoice and accounts receivable lag time by capturing billable information in real time

Improves customer service—answers are always available in real time in the field

Increase time spent in the field by eliminating the need to return to the office to complete paperwork

Increases efficiency and productivity of field activities

ETI’s Deployment Business Benefits

Eliminates costly and time-consuming custom coding efforts

Easy backend integration via our Integration Wizard with a library of back end adapters

Easy deployment of mobile applications to multiple departments and/or in multiple languages

Deploy on any device including Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Mobile. Build your mobile application once and it will work on all devices. This means you have only a single code-base to support even in mixed device environments.

Manage all devices in the field from a single screen

Post data directly to the web for review by workers, customers, etc.

Return on Investment

Return on InvestmentETI’s mobile implementation approach maximizes your return on investment by increasing speed to deployment and minimizing cost of deployment.

In any project, speed of execution is a critical factor in getting a positive return on investment. ETI’s Imagineering approach minimizes rework by interacting with your key users and constantly demonstrating their mobile solution. We can do this because the solution is done without expensive, time-consuming programming in a code-less environment. Minimum rework translates directly to faster go-lives, a higher quality solution for your organization and the ability to start accumulating your benefits early.

Notional ROI Thought Process

Businesses often have processes that involve a variety of manual steps: copying data, fixing data copying errors, printing reports to proof the copying of data—you get the idea. With this simple example you can see that the possible savings can be very significant.

Average mobile applications efficiency gains of 20%-25%, by reducing:

  • Writing down on paper
  • Back office data entry
  • Correcting errors
  • Printing data entry reports
  • Searching for information
  • Return trips to office because info was not available
  • Uncoordinated work
  • Cost of discussing data errors
  • Cost of losing track of things
  • Cost of misplacing things
  • Cost of managers following up on errors

What if you could save an average of 20% of an employee’s time?

260 work days x 8 hours/day
= 2,080 hours available in a year

At $15/hour that’s a $31,200 annual salary
—getting 20% more efficient could save
8 hours x 0.2 = 1.6 hours/day

This translates into a savings of…

one $15/hour per employee or…

$6,240/year or…


What might an ETI mobile process solution cost…depending on complexity and level of support required?

$40 to $80 per month per user for an ETI Cloud Subscription

Implementation / Configuration Example Cost
Very SimpleSimpleComplexVery Complex

Let ETI work through a more formal ROI with your organization

The ETI team has been designing mobile business processes for over 13 years. Let us help you to evaluate your mobile vision’s ROI. In many business processes you can save hours by putting the right mobile solution on a mobile device in a users’ hands. Imagine saving your users 25% or more of their time by making their process more efficient, giving them back 2 hours or more a day and saving your business money.

End User Solution Features

You want your users to have a robust set of capabilities that will help them get their jobs done effectively and efficiently.

devicesThe ETI mobile platform has an extensive feature set that will support virtually all of your most complex business processes. These features can be deployed to any of your favorite devices (Android, Apple, Windows and Windows Mobile)

Support wide variety rich data types including:

  • Digital Photos
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Signature Capture
  • Sketches
  • Voice Notes
  • GPS Tracking
  • Speech to Text Translation
  • Magnetic Strip Reader
  • RFID Tracking
  • Biometrics (fingerprint ID)

Making the complex simple

Depositphotos_77071611_m-2015-minETI’s solution transforms complexity into user-friendly applications that present exactly what users need to see in the work sequence they need to be effective. Backend ERP and legacy systems tend to have complicated screens with loads of options on every screen. All that translates into a high level of training required to know exactly what to do with each option.

ETI’s mobile applications are designed (see our Imagineering) to be intuitive with the user in mind. The complexity of a back-end ERP system is made simple to the ETI mobile user and then translated to the ERP system in just the right format and sequence ERP wants.

The users gets a tailored simple approach to do their jobs and the ERP system gets the data it needs to be up-to-date.

Managerial tools such as GPS tracking and mapping:

Do you need to know where your devices and people are?

  • Depositphotos_10668069_m-2015-minView status and location of workers at all times
  • Improve Customer Service
    • Quicker response to customer requests, changing conditions
    • Resolve disputes over arrival times, service duration and location
  • Receive and Send Automated Alerts
    • Travel outside geographic boundaries, arrive/depart location, etc.
  • Configurable Markers
    • Define static markers for customers, warehouses, etc.
  • Built-in bread crumbing & geo-fencing

There are more user features than we can put on our site.

Contact us for more information and a demonstration of how we can make mobile work for you.

Benefits for IT Professionals

Mobile Technical Architecture Overview

The ETI deployment architecture is a robust secure solution that enables your organization to deploy mobility from the ETI’s cloud as a Mobile Process as a Service (MPaaS) solution or deployed on your infrastructure and servers.

High Level Architecture

The mobile platform at the heart of the architecture provides all of the capabilities above and allows management of devices and mobile workflow processes to be isolated from ERP or other backend systems. This has the advantage of allowing the latest mobile technology to be inserted into aging systems without programming expensive interfaces or performing extensive modifications to the backend systems. The interfaces are managed in a near code-less solution through ETI’s eMPI tool.

Integration Architecture Capabilities

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.25.02 AMThe ETI Mobile Process Integration (eMPI) platform connects the mobile development and deployment platform with backend systems. This provides a virtually code-less connection to any ERP or legacy system which supports standard open architecture connections.

This allows web-based calls (such as SOAP) to be made from the mobile platform, through the eMPI process integration platform, with the data translated in and out of the ERP or legacy system using data mapping and interface configuration tools. All standard file format and interface formats are supported. The interface tools used in eMPI also provide a very complete set of interface data traffic and connection monitoring, making backend interfaces virtually invisible to the average end user and easy to manage for the IT staff. Of course, if you are running on the ETI cloud none of your own IT personnel are required and all of this wonderful technical infrastructure works and is not a concern for the users in the field.

Technical Capabilities

The technical capabilities of ETI’s mobile solution provide a full suite of mobile capabilities all in a single platform.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.26.48 AM

For more detailed information about the capabilities and operation of the mobile platform, our architecture or our extensive integration capabilities, please contact us.

Cyber Security

depositphotos_7586585-Cloud-computingETI’s mobile solution is FIPS 140-2 compliant in both its storage and its transmission of data. Where possible, the solution leverages mobile device operating system capabilities for the transmission and storage of data. For example, Apple, Microsoft and several key Android-based hardware manufacturers support HTTPS encryption in a FIPS 140-4 compliant, NIST-certified manner. The ETI mobile solutions components leverage this capability.

ETI has been involved in creating and evaluating mobile architecture solutions in secure environments for many years, including some of the most secure environments within the DOD. For additional details regarding security of the mobile solution at the device and the platform level please contact us. This solution has been deployed in DOD and DOD contractor facilities. Features include user authentication via encrypted password or via Active Directory/LDAP, automatic logoff of inactive users, remote DB wipe and device lockout, and much more. Request a copy of our mobile security white paper.

ETI is compliant with industry-standard architecture

ETI’s mobile development platform meets the technical requirements for what is sometimes referred to as a MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform), more currently renamed Mobile Process as a Service (MPaaS). We provide a comprehensive suite of products and services that enable development and deployment of mobile applications.

  • Managing the diversity of devices, networks and user groups
  • Unlike standalone apps, MPaaS provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to deploying mobility
  • Cross-platform considerations are a big driver behind using MPaaS
  • Use a MPaaS to develop the mobile application once and deploy it to a variety of mobile devices (including smart phones, tablets, notebooks and ruggedized handhelds) with no changes to the underlying business logic
  • Enable employees without a developer background to configure some mobile apps
  • Enable deployment of more affordable mobile apps and faster time-to-deployment, improving employee productivity
  • Make it easy to manage devices and apps (maintained in a central location) and install and update mobile software
  • Enforce security and guard against unauthorized access to applications and mobile devices

Mobile Development Platform Technical Features

WYSIWYG App Screen Designer

  • Design native mobile apps and web apps simultaneously, no coding required
  • Create consistent or unique user experiences for every platform while maintaining consistent business logic throughout
  • Build pixel perfect, graphically-rich UI that scales automatically across multiple form factors
  • Implement rich-data functionality (ex: photo/voice/signature capture, barcode scans, etc.) with a single click
  • Easily create apps that support multiple languages (ex: English, French, Spanish, etc.) without changing your business logic

Easily create complex app logic

Use our visual approach to building complex app workflows:

  • Workflow is code-free and descriptive so you won’t need to waste time reviewing code to figure out what it does and why
  • Easily build & depict sophisticated conditionals and branching
  • App logic is created & organized visually so you can see exactly what is happening and when

Simulate, debug and deploy—Spiral Development on steroids

Our mobile app development platform includes a built-in testing environment with integrated diagnostics and debugging that simulates a live deployment.

  • Conduct simulation and Imagineering sessions with users that reflect how the app will actually look and perform
  • Easily simulate any device without the hassle of distributing native binaries
  • Test layouts and design features & examine both client and server-side logic, data-flow, and synchronization.
  • Step through app logic to ensure everything is working exactly as you expected, and observe in-app changes as logic occurs.
  • Optimize performance by quickly identifying bottlenecks and other performance issues.
  • Then quickly deploy live apps and data to actual devices for real-world testing.

Benefits for developers

Deliver the perfect mobile app, in a fraction of the time:

  • Build apps for every platform without the hassles of syntax errors, memory handling, proprietary languages, etc.
  • Other tools help you code quickly… eliminating the hassles of custom coding so you can build apps lightning fast
  • Easily integrate to any backend system using our integration wizard
  • Exceed expectations. Delivering better apps (with robust enterprise features) in a fraction of the time ensures you’re the first on-call for the next project

Contact us for more detailed technical information concerning the operation of the ETI mobile platform.

Pricing and Deployment Options

ETI offers two flexible deployment options to make going mobile easy

Option #1: Work with our industry experts to tailor your mobile applications and processes, make it available to your users from our cloud and then we’ll work with your staff to connect it seamlessly to your backend systems. We manage everything for you. Get started with a down payment, and a monthly fee. It is possible to warp all customization into a single financial package. Be up and running in days with no requirement to purchase software licenses. Only purchase the services that you need.

Option #2: Work with our industry experts to tailor your mobile applications and processes and then we will assist you in installing on your server for you to run and manage. You purchase software licenses and can wrap them and your customization into a comprehensive financial package.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.29.57 AM

Common to both options is the same rapidly deployable mobile apps and processes, training in operating and customizing your mobile applications and professional services support for strategy, process analysis and design.

The ETI Form and Spreadsheet Challenge

Depositphotos_6639806_m-2015-minAre your employees sinking in a sea of paper, PDF forms and spreadsheets?

It’s never just about a form—it’s always about the process that requires the form

Give us one of your most challenging forms or spreadsheets and we will turn it into a demonstrable mobile business process within 48 yours—at no charge to you.

You get an opportunity to see what can be done to solve a real life business process and we get the opportunity to show you how quickly mobile solutions can be implemented within your organization.

If you take the challenge we will also provide you with a mobile assessment and discussion to assist you in identifying mobile targets of opportunity and savings.

Pricing and Quotations

Need help selecting the right solution for your business?

Can we assist you with a mobile ROI?

Become a mobile hero for your organization

Request more information and we’ll have our mobile experts contact you to answer your questions, discuss your needs, and help you identify a mobile solution matched to your organizations goals, process improvement opportunities and requirements.